Product Details


Net: 15 gr

Ingredients: 100% Orange

Country of Origin: Turkey

Shelf Life: 730 days / Best before 2 years after production.


Usage: Consume directly as a snack, in cereals, cakes, salads, hot/cold beverages with milk or yogurt.


Storage Conditions: Keep away from sunlight, moisture and heat. To avoid contamination, keep zipped after opening the package.


Legal Food Safety Charge: Conforms the Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Livestock Turkish Food Codex principles of Microbiological Criteria Regulation.





Product Description


SELY Freeze Dried Orange Slices are obtained from fresh and natural fruits.


It is a great alternative to old-school unhealthy snacks. It is the fresh fruit itself, turned into a crispy natural snack.


It is a great alternative snack which helps to avoid unhealthy, unnatural eating habits. 

By the miracle of Freeze Drying technology, our freeze dried snacks preserve the nutritional values of the fresh fruit up to 98%.


Enjoy the harmony of  the crispy chips feel and the fresh, natural taste all-in-one.




Product Features


  • Up to 98% of the fresh Orange Slice's nutritional values are preserved.
  • Protected taste, size, shape and nutritional values.
  • No microbiological activity.
  • Can be rehydriated.
  • Long shelf life.
  • Very light, easy to transport.
  • Low transportation costs, high profits.






Infrastructure preparations which are in accordance with international standards are completed in our facilities.


  • ISO 22000 (HACCP)
  • ISO 9001
  • ISO 14001

Sely Freeze Dried Orange Slices 15 gr

  • Brand: Sely Food


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